︎︎︎︎︎︎︎︎Selection of video-works and video-sculptures presented in the projects "Fireworks" (2017) and "Incubators" (2020).

Ronda Nocturna. Video 1080PX. skaters: Agustín y Nacho. Buenos Aires, 2017. Dante Litvak y Fabro Tranchida. Los Picoletos ©

The video "Ronda nocturna" in our exhibition "Fuegos Fatuos" (Buenos Aires, 2017).

Palace gangs. video-documentary. Interviews with different young Basques belonging to different countercultural movements (skate, lgtb, anti-fascist skinheads, punks, among others) about different topics: the underworld, friendship and the countercultural history of the city of Bilbao from their perspective. 1:28 hours duration. 4k format. Two 40-inch led tvs. 2019/2020.

Video-sculpture. DVD ntsc format video in l
oop on 14 ″ TV. Railings Stickers and stickers from the Argentine album of 78 World Cup figures. Copy 1/2. 2019

"Abanderados" (the home video). Installation. Cathode ray TV reproducing in loop the recording of the performance "Abanderados". Railings for skate tricks. Votive offerings in wax. 2020.