El manto de la virgen. Tapestry. pieces of cloth intervened (drawings), oilcloth, rusty nails from Rastro, ceramic baby bought at the Madrid Rastro with a tricorn hat from the Civil Guard, old border of Bilbao students (from Rastro), small photo of a war plane ( del Rastro), several pages of the left-wing newspaper "Eguin"in which there are articles on life in prisons and juvenile delinquency (file consulted and scanned in the Library of the Diputación de Bilbao). Navajeros Series. 150x260 cm. 2017

Tapiz aizkolari. textile work. 180 x 200 cm. 2019

School uniform (to be submitted). Cloth, plastic and garlic skin. Costumes used in the performance "Abanderados". Size “S”.

Flag to roll up. Arm device. Metal and canvas fabric. Artifact used in the performance "Abanderados". 2019.

Spanking paddle. Object. Wood, canvas and ink on canvas. 86 X 37 cm. 2020. (This piece was used in the performance "Abanderados").