Sculpture (2017-2020)

Selection of sculptures that are part of the projects "Fuegos fatuos" (2017), "Kontuz" (2017), "Abanderados" (2019) and "Incubadoras" (2020).

Video-sculpture. DVD ntsc format video in l
oop on 14 ″ TV. Railings Stickers and stickers from the Argentine album of 78 World Cup figures. Copy 1/2. 2019 

My own private totem
Floor sculpture. Laser cut closet doors. Bee wax. Argentina 78 World Cup Estickers. Basket. Beer bottles. String of garlic. I
nverted cd boxes. Led light. 2 meters x 1.80 meters. 2020.

In arcadia ego sum. Sculpture. Skate ramp modeled in paraffin and beeswax. LED light. 110 x 130 x 80 cm. 2020.

Incubators. Sculpture. Refrigerators, backlight photos, objects modeled in wax, led light. 2020. 

Incubator N4 (Las incandescentes banderas)
Sculpture. Refrigerator, backlight photos, objects modeled in wax, led light. 2020.

Spanking paddle. Object. Wood, canvas and ink on canvas. 86 X 37 cm. 2020. (This piece was used in the performance "Abanderados").

"Abanderados" (the home video). Installation. Cathode ray TV reproducing in loop the recording of the performance "Abanderados". Railings for skate tricks. Votive offerings in wax. 2020.

Skate Trinity. Sculpture. Hand carved post. 3 iconic skates (Toy Machine, Powel Peralta and Real). Feet modeled in wax. Chain and cloth. 2020

Offering to skate (broken hand, metacarpals). Sculpture. Skate bar and hand modeled in wax. 120x45 cm. 2020.

I pray to the skate (broken column). Sculpture. Skate bar and spinal columns molded in wax. 100x20cm 2020.

Sword-whip-fishing. Metal. Carved wood. Rope. Cloth. Land. Device used in the performance "Abanderados". 2020.

Flag to roll up. Arm device. Metal and canvas fabric. Artifact used in the performance "Abanderados". 2019.

El carro de las hojas de hierba (carro N1). Installation. Metal structure, bricks, sand sculpture, transilluminable photographs, Walt Whitman poem, intervened plaster arm, cut out acrylic plates, cold led light, pieces of old skates. 360x100x90 cm. 2017

El carro de Javi (Carro N3). Installation. Metal structure, silkscreened pennants of the portrayed boy, transilluminable photographs, drawings on various papers, polypropylene wheels, spout, cut acrylic plates, skate wheels, cold led light, compacted polypropylene biruta bread, painting on polypropylene sheet. 300x100x60 cm. 2017.