pandillas palaciegas

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+ Project: «Pandillas palaciegas (Palatial Gangs

+ Place: BilbaoArte Fundazioa. Urazurrutia 32, Bilbao

+ Context: Beca BilbaoArte 2019

+ Date: 2019

Pandillas Palaciegas (Palatial gangs) is the latest project of the Picoletos duo and builds on the research begun in 2017 which emerged as a need to delve further into the culture of different groups of young people within the Basque community. By analysing the ways of demonstrating and fighting against the establishment In a land where the counterculture verges on folklore, where the echo of an insubordinate attitude finds many voices to be renewedby fighting in different directions. The encounter between the punk and queer scenes, and the skinhead and skater movements form the foundation on which to erect the new scrap palaces for the different gangs. Installation media that mix waste materials and photographs with decorative items and back-lit wax panels. They also work with archive material, video and interviews.

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