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  • Project: «Kontuz»
  • Place: Alkolea Beach Gallery. Pasaje Alkolea 1, Egia, San Sebastián, Basque Country.
  • Context: Travel grant for artists. Alec Oxenford Collection
  • Date: 04/11/17 – 30/11/17

Last stop of our first research trip to the Basque Country in 2017. Kontuz (be carful in Basque) is a project that we present in San Sebastián. The Basque and Catalan skate environment also meet the landscape of Moralzarzal, a small town where Dante lived his childhood and adolescence. The noise that comes from Txirbilenea (old factory in Bilbao taken by young punks) overlaps with Franco’s grave and the blood of the bulls.

A fresh wind comes through the graffiti: “Kukutza ikutu bez!” (which means in Basque “don’t touch Kukutza”, a squatter social center that was violently evicted by the police in 2011). The squatting movement cracks the facist bridge that is still a mass.

Between branches and trucks another temple rises. The young monsters that congregate here share a secret bond, that of the will to prevail over authoritarian adults. They dissolve rotting matter to find the golden skate.

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