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Project: «Incubadoras»
Site: BilbaoArte Fundazioa. Urazurrutia 32, Bilbao
Context: BilbaoArte Scholarship 2019
Year: 2020

Incubadoras (Incubators) is an exhibition that connects dissident youth from the Basque Country (queers, punks and skaters) with other young people from Buenos Aires, our city of origin.
The title is a reference to that place in the imaginary of science fiction in which the gestation of superheroes occurs, but it is also a symbol of the attempt to preserve the punk philosophy by young people today. The comic book incubators we rely on – like a test tube or a bathtub of amniotic fluid – empower or regenerate wounds. In the exhibition, these incubators are represented by refrigerators that contain some of the photographs of our young monsters.

On the other hand, the installation that arises puts photographs in dialogue with wax objects that refer to the ancient practice of offerings in this material, very common in Latin American churches, a popular custom that is still present. As with incubators that are capable of regeneration, there are pieces that suggest the idea of ​​an altar to pray to for wounds, produced by skateboarding or fighting, to heal.

On the opening day our book “A Practical Guide for Young Monsters” was also presented, which summarizes the queer-punk and skater philosophy of our work for the last 6 years.

FotografĂ­as de sala por Jorge isla.

Fotos de la inauguración. BilbaoArte ©

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