Incandescentes banderas (2020)

Format: instalation-sculpture
Country: Basque country
Genre: visual arts.
Year: 2020
Exhibition: ‘20 cuerpos 20 artistas’, curator: Fidel Díez Mesa.
Place: Museo de Reproducciones Bilbao
San Frantzisko Kalea, 14, 48003
Bilbo. Bizkaia

“The artists who are part of the exhibition '20 bodies 20 artists', curated by Fidel Díez Mesa, have found their place within the walls of the Museum of Artistic Reproductions of Bilbao, in Old Bilbao. This is how contemporary works of art around the idea of the body -and body means something physical, of course, but also ideas of what is normative or not, and of roles, sexual and gender identities, of what should be but they have not been there from today and for the next four months in dialogue with those reproductions of classical figures. Faced with classical beauty and the concern for proportions, other very different concerns. "