Fuegos fatuos

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Project: Fuegos Fatuos
Place: Centro Cultural San Martín. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Context: Premio Programa Artes Visuales El cultural San Martín.
Date: 2017 (02/08/17 – 05/09/17)

Strange swellings at night …

It is believed that the wildfire – better known as bad light in Argentina – is a chemical phenomenon – light originated by the release of various gases from rotting organic substances (bones, meat) that are commonly seen in fields, swamps, cemeteries .

These curious inflammations at night, which have fed terrors and legends, serve as a lens to analyze the practice of skateboarding as a form of ritual. The risk, the body, the injury, the cut and it are emitted by their own lights in a skatepark.

From a laboratory strategy, we surgically analyze fragments, not only of bones, but of memories, sensations, and heartbeats that define the identity of a group of fellow skaters from our city in relation to the intimate spaces that define them.

Each light machine comprises its own system of knowledge. Together they spin a map of skin smelling of plaster, drawn in dots and scraped knees. These vulgar, organic, fuzzy and abundant mounds are punk crypts and cremation pyres that enliven us like the startup sound of the Playstation. Ramps and railings set on fire like votive offerings that go through time, when most Old School skaters created their own tracks with what they found. An atlas of the daily life of each child portrayed who confronts us with our own fragility.

This installation is also a continuation of previous works, where we incorporate elements of urban culture and punk-rock into contemporary language.

Entrevista de TV para el Canal de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires. Emitido en agosto de 2017.
Fuegos Fatuos > inauguración en el Centro Cultural San Martín
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