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Format: exhibition
Country: Argentina
Genre: visual arts.
Year: 2014
Place: Fundación El Mirador. Brasil 301. Buenos Aires. 

Boyness is a visual investigation that starts from the question: Is it possible to develop —through the tools of contemporary art— a genealogy of the representation of the boy before time? Dreaming of being bandits or heroes, cowboys or gauchos, zombies or robots, executioners or adults; boys define for themselves that state or condition of being a boy. Starting from classic literary pieces, by authors like Mark Twain or our Ricardo Güiraldes, I finally seek to establish my own mythology.

The Condition of a Boy
Exhibition text x Ezequiel Lavena

In three children who bathe naked in the river of a town in the United States or in an adolescent who dreams of the hero's path at nap time or in a boy who begins in the doctrine of a gaucho from the Argentine pampas underlying a condition that suggests will, insolence, unconcern: the condition of a boy. In it, Tranchida finds objects to explore: on the one hand, the space of free association, in which Luke Skywalker and Tom Sawyer coexist, both playing at being men; on the other, the definition of a boy archetype, which includes playfulness, the exclusivity of a dimension without women, and, consequently, eroticism: Cáceres, the apprentice from whom Segundo Sombra translates his admiration into a homoerotic drive . For his reconstruction of the archeology of a boy, Tranchida uses the photography of ambiguous adolescents, the deliberately imperfect drawing of boys alone, the creation of fictional video games, the projection of photographs, which define and shape the habitat of the adolescent and in he music, leisure, disorderly childhood, toys, some books. In this exploration, sometimes sacrilegious –the emulation of the Via Crucis– Tranchida does not exhaust the possibilities of the condition that it investigates, rather it seems to suggest others at the same time that it inaugurates a domain that proposes a recurrent return.

- Ezequiel Lavena

1. Stories of the city of God (via crucis); from the series "Boyness". Installation. 30 8 bit Family Game cartridges, 90 LEDs and ink on greaseproof paper. Measurements: variables Year: 2014.

2. Duplications and supplications; from the series "Boyness". Object. Digital painting on 300 grs cotton paper. bound, shelf, acrylic box. 2014. 

3. Don Segundo Sombra for Windows 95; from the series "Boyness". Installation: original slide projection, intervened book with replica of the original album of the animated series Tom Sawyer, Site-specific mural and drawing in the Paint 95 program running on a 1996 PC with windows 95.

4. Sinistri incontri; from the series "Boyness". Photo under acrylic. Measurements: 50x75 cm. Year 2014. 1/3

5. Eros 8 bit; from the series "Boyness". Original Family Game cartridges intervened. Printing on metallic paper. 2014.

6. Home alone; from the series "Boyness". Photo under acrylic in the shape of a sheriff's star. Measurements: 90x90 cm. Year 2014