“Guía práctica para jóvenes monstruos” (Book, 2020)

“Hello, buddy, and welcome to our Young Monster Practical Guide. What you have in your greasy hands is a book that compiles interviews, beautiful portraits and ways of seeing the life of little monsters from here and there. A manual for grinding your teeth and tightening the wheels. Will you sign up? "

“Practical Guide for Young Monsters” is a book with drawings, comics, photographs and interviews with punk kids and skaters from different cities. Edited by the BilbaoArte Fundazioa Foundation in Spanish and Euskera in 2020.

Authors: Tranchida F. y Litvak D.
Title: “Guía práctica para jóvenes monstruos”
Editorial: BilbaoArte Fundazioa Ediciones. Bilbao.
Legal deposit: BI-00128-2020
Country: Basque Country.
Year: 2020

Signed book + original surprise drawing
Libro firmado + dibujo original sorpresa


Fernando Castro acerca del libro.