Precarious cooking methods 

Performance at Teatros del Canal hosted by La Juan Gallery, Madrid

The idea comes from a biographical factor of mine (Dante). We transferred the universe of a fast food place to this scenographic situation that occurred between the bag of potatoes, the supermarket cart and the microwave with the cup of The Exorcist.

The mechanism that hooks the piece with other previous performances is a circuit system through actions with these objects. A loop that little by little becomes more random and chaotic. The center of what we did was peel potatoes over each other as in a submissive and submissive role that begins to blur on stage, giving rise to erratic situations where the roles constantly collide or contradict each other.

This piece, which was called Precarious cooking methods, emerges from Abanderados (a previous performance that we did in 2019 at the Juan Gallery) from which we propose to analyze the precariousness and submission as a theme, added to the iconographic elements of Argentineanness.

︎What is it: performance

︎Where?: Group show «Acción XM2 by La Juan Gallery» Madrid.
︎Place: Teatros del Canal. c/ de Cea Bermúdez 1 Madrid.
︎When?: 10/04/2021