P.A.F. (Prácticas de Auto-aniquilación Forzada)

P.F.A. (Practices of Forced Self-Annihilation)

“In prison, when they played the game on the loudspeakers, it was verycontradictory. Because the executioners, those who tortured us, andWe, the victims, shouted together 'Argentina's goal!' And sa-We know that they took prisoners out when there were distractionsfor the World Cup and they were shot.”

Adolfo Pérez Esquivel testifying before the BBC.

PAF (word that is also a voice of onomatopoeic origin, which is used in the Spanish language to express a noise or sound that something or someone makes when falling, colliding or impacting with any element) is a video-sculpture that emerges from the project of actions "Bandard bearers". It is an absurd operation that repeats a spanking action (spanking) with a racket (built by the artists) in contrast to slides on the edge of the drawer of the Moralzarzal skatepark, the town where Dante grew up.

The same cards, replicas of the Argentina 78 World Cup album, the deck of playing cards of Mundialito (the mascot of the Argentina 78 World Cup, a gaucho boy) published by the magazine “Radio-landia 2000” in 1978 and other corms rescued from “Anteojito” magazine, can be seen stuck both on the artists' asses and on the edge of the skatepark drawer.

Finally, the school classroom / torture room space that we have set up for the video-performance has, in turn, the typical elements of a white-cube type exhibition in an art gallery. White movable panels, white pedestals... The bodies are exhibited as pieces in an institution of power and are complemented with elements of the Argentinian identity: a wooden mate, yerba mate, covers of the magazine "Anteojito" and vintage banners against the World 78.

Video format ntsc DVD loop. For 14” TV.
Duration: 2:42
Copies: Single copy and one artist copy. Year: 2019

It was exhibited in: “Incubators”. Solo show. BilbaoArte Foundation. Urazurrutia 32, Bilbao. Basque Country. 2020.