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“Guía práctica para jóvenes monstruos” (Book, 2020)

“Hello, buddy, and welcome to our Young Monster Practical Guide. What you have in your greasy hands is a book that compiles interviews, beautiful portraits and ways of seeing the life of little monsters from here and there. A manual for grinding your teeth and tightening the wheels. Will you sign up? "

“Practical Guide for Young Monsters” is a book with drawings, comics, photographs and interviews with punk kids and skaters from different cities. Edited by the BilbaoArte Fundazioa Foundation in Spanish and Euskera in February 2020. If you want to buy a copy signed by us + a small surprise drawing keep scrolling ︎︎︎

Fernando Castro habla de nuestro libro:

Authors: Tranchida F. y Litvak D.
Title: “Guía práctica para jóvenes monstruos”
Editorial: BilbaoArte Fundazioa Ediciones. Bilbao.
Legal deposit: BI-00128-2020
Country: Vasque Country.
Year: 2020

Signed book + original surprise drawing
Libro firmado + dibujo original sorpresa