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Fridge n 6 (incubators series)

Installation a tthe Museum of Reproductions of Bilbao

The incubators seen in comics or science fiction movies that we commonly consume confer powers or regenerate wounds. These incubators from our perspective also allow us to survive and cool our beers. They contain our young monsters. Insubordinate identities are brewing inside, among wax objects that refer to the ancient practice of offerings in Latin American churches. The incubators heal from science, while the wax votive offerings function as psychic-magical objects that heal us by invoking them. When the spell is pronounced, the broken bones in the skatepark are welded. Young Basques and Argentines are the same in these containers.

︎What is it: installation

︎Context: Group show ‘20 cuerpos 20 artistas’.
︎Curator: Fidel Diez
︎Where?: Museo de Reproducciones Bilbao.
︎When?: 01/09/2020 - 01/02/2021