Carro N 6 (versión II) (2018) 

Format: instalation-sculpture
Country: Argentina
Genre: visual arts.
Year: 2018
Place: Premio Itaú Artes visuales. Casa Nacional del Bicentenario. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

"Car N ° 6". Honorable mention at the 2018 Itaú Award

In 2018 we obtained an Honorable Mention for our installation "Carro Nº6", a finalist in the 2018 Itaú Award and which could be seen at the Casa Nacional del Bicentenario (Buenos Aires). This new installation is a continuation of the “Navajeros” project that we developed in Spain thanks to the Oxenford Collection Grant, generating 3 exhibitions in Madrid and San Sebastián with the material.

During 2017 our work in Euskadi was based on photographing the ways of organization and life of different groups of young queer-punk that take over factories on the outskirts of Bilbao and re-update the iconography of the quinquis of the 80s.

Almost a skate ramp, the facility is also the pyre of some remnants reassembled from the demolition of a teenage room. It also has material from our residence in Spain. Analog photos and other nods to the queer-punk culture of Bilbao.

Carro 6 (version II)
Sculpture. Structure of remains of a bed and window frame, inscriptions, rock magazines, high impact plastic plates, transluminal photographs, found objects and LED light. 110 x 120 x 80 cm. 2018.