Abanderados (flag bearers) is a performative action and installation that entangles discourses of power (from the years related to the dictatorship in Argentina) and makes them emerge with other discourses of the underground. Our floor is not homogeneous because it can accommodate excavations. And we, as in the mud of the Río de La Plata —or perhaps— in the neobarroso mud that Nestor Perlongher pointed out, we “stumble in our estuary”, in the game of riding parody and defeat; to make the revolution out of desire.

We don suits that fit multiple drifts. They have pockets in which we keep cultural documents (or barbarism) and stickers from the 78 World Cup. We unfurl flags that we hoist like guts. Skates to shave while a voice licks its lips. Being queers, “sudacas” and poorly educated by the rights that persist in the Argentine school system, can we then, as Latin Americans, allow ourselves to be less neo-baroque? Today, to the pride of our parents and teachers, we have the honor of being buffoons and flag bearers.

The action had the participation of El Niño de Elche, lending his voice to read a file with communications belonging to clandestine organizations during the Argentine civil-military dictatorship.

︎What is it: performance

︎Where?: La Juan Gallery, Calle Provisiones 26. Madrid.
︎When?: 24/10/2019

Partial recording of the performance on video.

Photos by Nelson Sacramento.

Spanking paddle.
Object. Wood, canvas and ink on canvas. 86 X 37 cm. 2020. (This piece was used in the performance "Abanderados").

School uniform (to be submitted).
Cloth, plastic and garlic skin. Costumes used in the performance "Abanderados". Size “S”.

"Abanderados" (the home video). Installation. Cathode ray TV reproducing in loop the recording of the performance "Abanderados". Railings for skate tricks. Votive offerings in wax. 2020.

Flag to roll up.
Arm device. Metal and canvas fabric. Artifact used in the performance "Abanderados". 2019.

Metal. Carved wood. Rope. Cloth. Land. Device used in the performance "Abanderados". 2020.